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PUBLISHED: 11:48 18 September 2009 | UPDATED: 16:18 20 February 2013

Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor

It's been a great year for Hampshire at the national Teaching Awards 2009. Elizabeth Barnett talks to some of the winners to find out what the award means to them and their schools

Wendy Taylor
The Award for Special Needs
Teacher of the Year

Talking to Wendy it is clear to see why the Head Teacher at Bushy Leaze Primary school in Alton nominated her for this prestigious award.
"'At Bushy Leaze we aim to provide support to each individual child and their family, we strive to offer a network of advice to aid and assist the children through their early years."'
Wendy feels honoured to have been nominated for the award and is delighted with her win, "'For me the award acknowledges my personal role within the school but it is also a reflection of my whole team."

Brian Vince
The DCSF Award for Governor of the Year

For 16 years Brian has been working at Waterlooville's Hart Plain Infant School and during his time there he has grown to become a much loved character and an integral part of the Hart Plain community.
His career in education led him to work with the school on a professional level during which his involvement in the school grew and he joined the team on the board of governors to take his association further. Nominated for the award by Hart Plain's Head Teacher together with the Head Chair, Brian feels very humble and proud to be recognised by his peers, "'I was honoured to be nominated for the award and to win is an incredible achievement for both me and the excellent staff at Hart Plain."'
He volunteers as a supporting reader, helping the children to develop their key skills and also works closely with the special needs unit to ensure that the pupils receive the best possible chance before moving on to secondary school. "'The children have been very responsive to the award and it's been lovely receiving all the compliments from the pupils and their families.

Julie Rose
The Royal Air Force Award for Head Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Julie has been working at Everest Community College in Basingstoke since January 2007. Two years on, Julie has become a permanent fixture at Everest after seeing the huge potential the college had to succeed.
"To win the award this year has been a reflection of our competent team work and good communication between staff and students.
To me the award confirms and supports my work and now we are looking forward to greater success and outstanding achievement."'

Lynda Varney
The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

After working at The Wavell Secondary School in Farnborough for over 23 years, Lynda has built a fantastic reputation amongst students and teachers alike.
Her dedication has now been rewarded after her Diploma students took it upon themselves to nominate Lynda as a thank you for all of her hard work. "It was a great honour
to win this award, I have never
won or been nominated for
anything before."

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