Kenwood wants to know: which type of chef are you?

PUBLISHED: 12:10 07 December 2015 | UPDATED: 12:11 07 December 2015


As Brits, we love to spend a bit of time cooking. Whether it’s traditional cakes and bakes, or modern masterpieces, there’s nothing better than producing something delicious for your family to enjoy.

As the festive season gets underway, we are busier than ever in the kitchen throughout the month of December, and on Christmas day itself.

To coincide with the launch of the new Chef Sense range, Kenwood want to know what your cooking personality is.

Hannah Walsh is the Product Marketing Manager at Kenwood and believes that no matter what your style is in the kitchen, there’s a Chef Sense product to suit you.

Christmas Calamity Jane

We’ve all had disasters on Christmas day. Let the Chef Sense take away some of the stress this year, and allow you to enjoy the day. It can do almost anything, apart from roast your Turkey!

Hannah recommends: The Chef Sense with standard attachments:

“These are such versatile machines. Most people will use them for baking and for cakes, but the range of things the Chef Sense can do is just fantastic. It’s really simple but very efficient.”

“You have the iconic K-beater, which is a cake-making attachment. You also get a dough-hook, which by its own definition makes bread and dough. And you also get a balloon whisk to make things like meringue, mousse and whipped cream. You get all of these as standard with the machine.”

Dinner Party Perfectionist

This type of cook loves to host dinner parties, and can probably name twelve different types of mushroom. They dream of becoming the next Heston Blumenthal.

Hannah recommends: The Chef Sense range of attachments:

“The top of the machine has a high-speed outlet where you can attach blenders and food processors, and on the front of the machine there is a low-speed outlet which you can use things like the pasta-making attachment, so there really is an endless selection of tools and a whole array of possibilities.”

“The range of attachments includes blenders, juicers, pasta makers, processors and ice cream makersmeat grinders, as well as optional additional in-bowl attachments including a folding tool and a creaming beater attachmentand mixers. These can all be purchased additionally.”

The Fashion-Focused Cook

For the fashion-focused cook, it’s not necessarily about the quality of the food; it’s more about buying every possible kitchen utensil in a matching shade.

Hannah recommends: The Chef Sense Colour Collection:

“We also have the new coloured version, in the 4.6 litres, which has a glass bowl and coloured body. You have the choice of pink, yellow, green and blue. So definitely appeals to people who are more expressive and style-focused.

“In terms of storage, the Chef Sense is very efficient, as you only have the one footprint with various attachments, rather than having lots of machines taking up space in your kitchen.”

The Budding Baker

We all know someone who is obsessed with the Great British Bake-off and who will try to recreate their own masterpieces at home.

Hannah recommends: The Chef Sense baking attachments:

“We have developed a number of additional in-bowl tools, which are great if you’re looking for professional results. The folding tool is a soft n S-shaped paddle which has a slow rotation, and gently incorporates your ingredients to maintain the air in mousses and whipped ingredients.and maintains all the air.

“We have also recently designed a flexible creaming beater, which (unlike the K-beater which has a metal construction) has a silicone paddle which scoops and scrapes the inside of the bowl, so if you’re making something like a butter cream it makes it really smooth and silky.”

Professional Pastry Chef

The Chef Sense is not just for amateur cooks. Even if you’re a professional cook, then the Chef Sense has a lot to offer.

Hannah recommends: The Chef Sense XL:

“All our Chef Sense models have a number of built-in design features, which help you to get a perfect and consistent result each time. Intelligent speed control allows for perfect mixing every time, gradually increasing the speed of the 1100W motor from soft start to full speed to give you total control. In addition, the simple touch head lift lever allows you to access the bowl with a single touch.

The machine has weight sensor technology which automatically senses when the load changes. For instance, if you add wet ingredients to a dry cake or bread mix, then it injects a bit of power into the motor to maintain the speed. Certainly in terms of making bread, it’s important for the gluten structure in the flour that the dough is worked properly; so with the Chef Sense you really can get professional results at home. The XL comes with a 6.7l bowl, instead of the standard 4.6l size.”

Hannah explains why the Kenwood Chef Sense is the latest in innovation and the must-have product for 2015:

“As a brand, we have a lot of history. The company itself was set up with a man named Ken Wood, which not a lot of people know. The first product we launched onto the market was the A100 toaster, which with an ingenious design, could toast both sides of the bread without touching it. Really, Since then, Kenwood have continuously designed stylish products harnessing Kenwood engineering expertise without compromising on quality.” we have aimed for innovation in the kitchen.”

“In 1950 we launched our very first Kenwood Chef, and since then the shape of a classic Kenwood Chef hasn’t changed. We’ve used that same iconic design throughout the ages. We have always designed and engineered our Kenwood Chef here in Havant, and we’ve had loads of successes throughout the years.”

“Our latest addition, the Chef Sense, was awarded gold in the iF design awards 2015 because it combines the history of our brand and the iconic design with modern expertise in engineering and innovation. Really, this model is everything that the modern consumer wants from a kitchen machine mixer.”

Product Specifications

• 4.6-litre bowl (XL 6.7l)

• Dough hook, whisk and beater included

• 6 setting electronic speed control

• 1100W motor

Where to buy?

You can buy the Chef Sense from the Kenwood Outlet store in New Lane, Havant, where you will find all Kenwood Chef products from entry level to top of the range. The latest Chef Sense colour collection is also available in store. Discounts are available against the RRP, and all attachments are sold at half price on the same day you purchase a machine from the store.

You can also shop online at

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