Saving money on your morning coffee

PUBLISHED: 16:50 10 November 2015 | UPDATED: 10:17 20 January 2016


There was once a time when the only caffeine-based choice to be made by the commuting masses was: instant or filter?

Admittedly, this was also a time when other decisions included Nokia or Motorola but as with all things, times (and tastes) move on. These days the world is a very busy place, and amongst our twenty-first century home comforts, a professional coffee-making machine

Since the 1970s when international coffee chains started changing the face of our high streets and our taste buds, the question of choice has been an enduring and frankly never-ending one, which above all else means that being a coffee connoisseur is a pricey business. With the average café’s medium coffee setting you back around £3, that’s an estimated bill of £780 per year – and that’s limiting intake to one cup a day, five days a week. This tallying up of said coffee bills is where many consumers have decided to take the plunge and the one-off expense of a bean-to-cup coffee machine in search of the best blend and personalised order. More than a year and a half after its release, the De’Longhi Eletta remains one of the best high-end bean-to-cup machines around; complete with patented technology.

The Eletta could be considered the Ferrari of coffee machines, not only because of its Italian heritage, but for the engineering that’s brought it to life; from the quiet sound of the grinder no matter the bean, to the on board computer complete with control panel, and the LatteCrema system that primes milk to perfection at the touch of a button.

“It’s an investment”, concedes Gareth Griffiths, Product Manager at De’Longhi.

“But over time you’re actually saving money as it works out around 12 pence per cup and can reliably reproduce your personalised coffee time after time”.

The Eletta could effectively pay for itself in under a year; after six months you’re entitled to a free service and the warrantee lasts for two years - excluding wear and tear replacements.

Griffiths credits its popularity to the unique LatteCrema system that automatically preps the milk into whatever density, creaminess and temperature you require.

Such barista touches include the smart memory features such as ‘My Milk’ which records exactly how family members like their milk frothed or steamed, and the automated cleaning of the milk system before and after use. The patented cleaning technology means the machine automatically cleanses the entire milk system, bypassing the milk carafe if it remains full, flushing steam through the lid and its coupling to remove any milk fat deposits. This allows the milk carafe to be refrigerated after each use, reducing waste and thus cost.

There are also 16 languages to choose from for the display; you can set the temperature of the milk or hot water for each beverage made and there’s even a free app. Coffee Expert by De’Longhi shares their encyclopaedic knowledge of the bean, recommending recipes, timings, temperatures and blends for the richest espresso and the best foam top on a cappuccino.

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