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PUBLISHED: 16:26 08 March 2017 | UPDATED: 16:26 08 March 2017

Sue Tinkler's Tinkletastic glass splashbacks are bespoke and highly sought after

Sue Tinkler's Tinkletastic glass splashbacks are bespoke and highly sought after


If you are looking for some spring cheer head to Tinklertastic for some of Sue Tinkler’s gloriously vibrant glass accessories

When it comes to household accessories I’m rather a fan of glass: nothing reflects light or colour quite so gloriously or looks quite so good hanging from walls, windows or as objects of beauty sitting on tables and shelves.

But when I came across Sue Tinkler’s work, I saw fused glass taken to another level.

Her background is in graphic design – the perfect training ground for creating her colourful pieces, but from a young age she says she has always enjoyed making things.

“I started working with glass in 2000 by attending a short course and I was instantly hooked,” she tells me. “My work is inspired by natural landscapes mostly observed while dog walking. I use a variety of hot and cold glass fusing techniques with some pieces being kiln fired up to four times, as each firing takes about 24 hours it can take several days to complete each piece. I work with powdered, sheet, granulated and enamel glass to achieve unique results - often on a single piece.”

Working out of her Kings Worthy workshop, she creates jewellery, decorative waves, wall lights, wall art, trophies and stunning bespoke splash backs that will lift any dull kitchen wall – and which show just how versatile glass can be.

“For commissioned pieces like wall art and splash backs, I involve the customer in each stage of the design and making process to ensure the finished piece is exactly what they are looking for, in some instances the customer adds the finishing touches before the final kiln firing.”

Glass is on the increase as a wall covering developing from a simple but pretty accessory to a fixed part of the interior. As a material it doesn’t fade or suffer from condensation and so is ideal for conservatories, bathrooms, kitchens as well as living rooms and hall ways.

“The splashback is an ideal opportunity to add a ‘focal point’ to a new kitchen,” says Sue who is leading the vanguard in introducing glass into our interiors playbook. “Colours can be matched to existing cupboards, worktops and decorations. It’s like having a unique piece of artwork but is also very practical as it can be wiped down with a damp sponge also don’t show the dirt or smears like stainless steel or plain glass.”

She has been working in collaboration with art photographer Paul Sansome ( who will join her for an exhibition featuring glass and photos inspired by some of his travels which includes Iceland, Vietnam and the Isle of Harris.

The exhibition runs from 12 April-20 May at Rum’s Eg, 27 Bell Street, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8GY

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