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PUBLISHED: 10:43 07 September 2015


School is back in session so now is the perfect time to create a productive and inspiring home office for all the family. Hampshire Furniture’s Frauke Golding shows us how

Hampshire FurnitureHampshire Furniture

A record number of people now work from home, recent studies revealed. Whether you work at home full-time or for just a few hours in the evening, it’s important to have somewhere quiet and distraction-free to tick off the to-do list. September is as good a time as any to get busy and create the perfect at-home work space for all the family. Here’s how...

Location, Location, Location

First things first, decide on a suitable location. We’re not all blessed with spare rooms to transform into home offices but you don’t need much square footage to create a productive study spot.

If space is limited, all you really need is a cosy nook with enough room for a desk and chair. This might be a corner of the kitchen, under the stairs, in the dining room or even inside a large built-in cupboard. Think creatively to find a place that works for you.

Alternatively, take the home office out into the garden. I’ve seen some wonderful garden offices built from insulated sheds and repurposed garages. As long as it’s warm and has a reliable electricity supply, it’s perfect! And you get a wonderful view to boot.

Hampshire FurnitureHampshire Furniture

Choose Your Decor Style

It’s really important to create a space that you will want to work in; a space that motivates and inspires you. You should give as much thought to the decor and design of your home office/nook as you would any other room in the house.

Choose a style you love; whether traditional, modern, industrial, Scandinavian, vintage or eclectic. Think about colour schemes – taking into account the science of colour psychology (some colours are more suitable to work spaces than others) and ways to define the space, even if it’s in the corner of another room.

Furniture and Accessories

There are a few essentials every home office needs; a desk and chair being the main ones. If you have room, a few items of storage furniture (a bookcase or filing cabinets) may also be really useful.

There are hundreds of desk styles to choose from, so you can easily find one to suit your working style. Compact all-in-one desks (top image) are great for small spaces, while desks with built in storage are handy if you have lots of paperwork. And to go alongside your brand new desk, a comfortable chair with ergonomic support will make your work day infinitely better.

Finally, a few choice decorative accents will finish off the space. Stylish stationery and desk accessories are both practical and pretty, while wall art will add colour and interest to the area. I like to keep my home office decor educational, with beautiful wall charts, vintage books and globes. Accessorising a space is the fun part, so enjoy the process and create a space you will love for years to come!


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