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Your August Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

PUBLISHED: 12:59 26 July 2011 | UPDATED: 10:33 21 February 2013

Your August Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

Your August Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

What's in store for you this August? Horoscopes by Patricia C Byron...

Aries (21st March 20th April)

If you have been considering launching an enterprise, or some kind of creative venture, the last days of July would be the time to start! It will add pennies to your coffers, and become a valuable source of enjoyment. That said, it may well mean it forces you to use your energies at home, even burning the candle, so ensure you dont overdo it as there appears to be opposition to your plans. Unexpected developments are likely around the 9th and 11th, where you will need to surmount hurdles if you are to win others over. That done, enjoy the fruits of success around the 13th but proceed with caution around the 25th as others attempt to block your path.

Taurus (21stApril21stMay)

A new phase in a domestic or professional pursuit is about to emerge which will affect you, your daily round and your working life. Opportunities to introduce decorative elements and create a more opulent surroundings is yours for the doing, just make sure that you dont go OTT with the paintbrush! Meanwhile, difficulties with those close seems on the agenda as you are torn between your home life and career; they may well be perturbed at your activities but prepare yourself for a busy time after the 21st August. There are opportunities and new ventures up for grabs at month end and you need to be on hand to grasp them.

Gemini (22ndMay21stJune)

You are likely to encounter fresh information at the end of July which will have you reconsidering and even reversing a professional or domestic decision, as facts, however vague come your way. Whilst you may be too close to the situation to see it how it is, the full moon on the 13th will shed some much needed light. Do nothing in a hurry; you need to play the long game as day by day events will clarify the stance you should be adopting. Rest assured, by the 23rd you will be backed by those who hold all the aces. On a more positive note, prepare yourself for a most action packed September.

Cancer (22ndJune22ndJuly)

Finances and all money matters are on your agenda this month Cancer. You are about to find new and innovative ways to make it too, and if that means clawing some from elsewhere, it will all add to your coffers which is just as well, as there appear to be wrangles on the cards. Partners and those you have dealings with, are about to flex their muscles, and if that fires you up and has you ready for action, then expect heated debates around the 8th and 25th. Others appear to be equally fired up, so if there is an impasse, you may have to wait until month end before there is a light to work towards.

Leo (23rdJuly22ndAugust)

You are about to be given the opportunity to reinvent yourself both personally and professionally. If that has you rushing to create a new image for yourself through hairstyles, makeover etc, then now is the time to do it! As you adopt the feelgood factor, it will help you through all the challenges set to come your way: yes, there are power struggles with co workers, domestic challenges with those close, and some relationship issues which may even bring closure but this is a month to seize all that life is offering Leo. There is great progress to be made and do not let anyone dampen that Leo pride.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)

It would appear that some kind of covert financial issue is on the cards. As a new moon in the last days of July suddenly puts the wheels in motion, it would appear that things could not be smoother. However, some kind of hitch or delay will have you rethinking your path as new information comes to light which could scupper your immediate plans. Do nothing in haste as matters will eventually clear during the week of the 22nd when there are new developments and although it is not plain sailing, a most fortuitous new moon on the 29th August will set the scene financially for some time to come...

Libra (24thSeptember23rdOctober)

Some kind of personal association gets underway in the first days of August bringing a sense of harmony to your days which is just what you need to carry you through some of the more challenging aspects of this month. Partners both those of a personal and professional nature are behaving in a way which is creating difficulties. Trying as that may be, keep cool. Planetary activity suggests that amidst the challenges there are moments of fun, indulgence and pure joy around the 13th. As others bite off more than they can chew and land in hot water around the 25th, resist the urge to say I told you so!

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)

A professional, creative project is about to become the focus of attention which could involve a new partnership or alliance. As significant inroads are made, you need to avail yourself to the unusual offers to team up with those who can further your cause and widen your contacts. But be ready for distracting and difficult communications which will need to be addressed on the 11th. As events on the 13th bring fruition to agreements, it will have a favourable impact on your finances, and the things you hold dear. Caution is advised around the 25th when there is almost certain to be a set-to, someone puts a halt to your gallop.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)

As you are likely to need to seek specialist advice, a creative project appears to be on the go, and children are in need of your attention, you are likely to be in for a busy time. Happily, it is not a case of all work and no play here... there are times of relaxation and enjoyment, just ensure you dont over indulge. Meanwhile, there are difficulties surrounding your domestic life and whether you need to make sacrifices, or friendships are becoming burdensome, take the time you need for yourself. A new professional phase is about to emerge, so you need to be ready to roll next month.

Capricorn (22ndDecember 20thJanuary)

A new phase is about to emerge which involves finances and it could be that you have to find new and innovative ways to make it. If that means working from home in a creative way, it is likely to bring success by mid month presenting you with the opportunity to spread your wings. Meanwhile, issues surrounding your health are likely to need a review so it is important that you do not neglect matters you should be taking care of. Finally, as differences in partnerships are aired around the 25th, ensure you are on solid ground if you wish to preserve the status quo.

Aquarius (21stJanuary19thFebruary)

Some form of unexpected communication is about to present you with the opportunity to launch a new phase in a partnership or relationship which will bring some light hearted living to your door. Just ensure that you are ready for a spot of pampering and TLC which is set to come your way in abundance. Meanwhile, difficulties are likely in your daily round, and if that means you are applying yourself at work where there are power struggles, or, around the 25th , where your efforts are hindered and even thwarted, make sure you look after number one.

Pisces (20thFebruary20th March)

There are times when ones finances and the things you hold dear change, so prepare yourself for an innovative project which could impact on your finances and your working life putting you in a spin. As reversals, changes of mind, and even confusion takes hold as to what it is you want, go with the flow Pisces. Good things come to he who waits, and the 13th should produce the goods you have longed for. Meetings and agreements are likely at month end, when partnerships of all kinds are likely to take centre stage, so get your markers in place now.

Copyright Patricia C Byron 2011 www.patriciacbyron.com

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