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Your September Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

PUBLISHED: 15:12 24 August 2011 | UPDATED: 10:33 21 February 2013

September Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

September Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

Find out your horoscopes for this month...



By Patricia C Byron

Aries (21st March 20th April)

A new chapter will reinvent not just the pattern of your day to day life, but also your finances, and your partnerships too. As the tail end of August brings a frenetic pace to your existence, and the domestic disruptions brings issues with offspring, tensions could well spill over affecting your health. It is important, therefore, that you keep concerns under wraps as discord is likely to arise. There are partnership surprises in store too, such as the Full Moon of the 12th, but watch for strong independence issues being brought to the fore around the 26th.

Taurus (21st April 21st May)

The New Moon at the end of August will bring welcome changes which will impinge on your finances in a most satisfactory way. New ventures which may contain an element of risk, and which will somehow involve friendship networks, have potential for growth even if it does have you rushed off your feet. Unexpected events and proposals around the 12th surrounding your daily routine will give you every reason to celebrate and by the 15th you will be in your element. This is a very fortunate time for you Taurus, and you have the upper hand in choosing what and who it is you want.

Gemini (22nd May 21st June)

As uncertainties and confusion are left behind, there is no time for regrets. Planetary activity at the end of August will have you rubbing shoulders with someone who can, and will, further your cause either domestically or professionally. Those holding the cards are batting for you now, in no uncertain terms, and as you are in your element after the 9th get ready to capitalise. You have worked long and hard to get to this point and you now have the ability to influence others greatly, so seize the moment and use those exceptional communication skills this month Gemini!

Cancer (22nd June 22nd July)

After a month of feeling energised and ready to fight your corner, it is time to turn your attention to more positive elements in your life. New professional and domestic chapters are about to emerge which will affect your daily round, as well as your friendships. Opportunities to branch out will bring about improvements to your social life as well as fuelling your ambitions. So much so, that you should not be surprised when rare and powerful opportunities are presented around the 12th which will set the wheels in motion for changes of heart in ways you never thought possible.

Leo (23rd July 22nd August)

It seems a financial issue has been causing angst for some time. Just as you have decided upon one strategy, another takes hold and forces you to review things. So you will be relieved to hear that this month will ensure the matter progresses as the seeds are sown for a new chapter in your professional life boosting your finances, your professional role and even your relationship with colleagues. Just ensure that you keep your plans fluid as sudden changes are likely, and you may be asked to do more than you would ordinarily choose which may, in itself cause dramas... Chill out Leo, you dont want to shoot yourself in the foot.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)

After a most difficult journey, your life is about to be reinvented in terms of your health and wellbeing, your professional standing and how you are seen in the world. As your world changes, so too, do your aspirations and finances, as significant planetary activity brings good things to your table, and whilst the 8th may mean you have to revisit a situation as fresh information comes to your way, it does give you the leeway to move on to greener pastures. There are professional achievements on the cards, so dont be backward at coming forward Virgo.

Libra(24thSeptember 23rd October)

You appear to be involved in covert dealings Libra, which will start to progress at the end of August. This is a particularly auspicious time, and if there are financial implications, as well as domestic or family issues at stake too, there could be no better time for you to ensure you take the leading role. You may well not feel you are up to the mark, and the success of any undertaking is not likely to be revealed before mid month when sudden gambles pay off, and your equilibrium is restored for now. Partnership issues are about to unfold as stark choices are made known at month end.

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)

An association is about to give you the chance to demonstrate your flair and creativity, so it is important that you harness the opportunities which are at currently at your disposal. You have an opening to influence the great and the good so ensure you set your stall out accordingly for events around the 12th. What is key here Scorpio, is that there is about to be profound gear shift which will kick in from the 17th and with new and innovative alliances up for grabs ensure you are ready for the breaks when they arrive.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)

As a personal or professional partnership is under consideration, prepare for a new chapter in what could (and should) change your existence. With flair and aplomb you have the ability to ease your way into a new life which will affect your finances and the things you hold dear, and even the role you play. If that has you backtracking just to keep up to speed with changing information, go with the flow as it will be to your benefit long term. Meanwhile, as you have the opportunity to avail yourself in the finer things, you could be onto too good a thing.

Capricorn(22nd December 21st January)

If the end of August brought harsh clarity to a situation which you thought was redeemable, it is only preparing a clear way for you to forge ahead and leave the past behind. New encounters are in the offing, particularly mid month, which may up the tempo giving you the opportunity to reinvent your personal and professional life. Meanwhile, as finances and the things which you hold dear are the source of angst there are still regrets. These will not pass in a hurry, but you should not dally; instead start preparing yourself now for a particularly busy October when there are changes due.

Aquarius (21st January 19th February)

As finances are under scrutiny, a fresh phase is about to emerge in a domestic matter which will impact favourably on your finances and if that means cultivating your imaginative creativity, it will pay off in spades. As agreements are put in place and associations firmed up, it will give you the freedom to take care of the more practical health issues which may need to be addressed and friendships which need to be nurtured. Decisive and sudden action may need to be taken around the 12th, but with others firing on all cylinders by the 19th, you will be more than ready for action.

Pisces (20th February 20th March)

You are about to be presented with a most fortunate set of circumstances which will shape your agenda for some time to come. New alliances, relationships and agreements are all in the offing, and it that has you chasing your tail in meetings and negotiations, and even reversing decisions. In spite of delays, you must remain buoyant: others have their own schedule to adhere to. Wait instead for the 12th and the 15th when plans will be set in motion. When that brings cause for celebration, it is not before time, but dont take your eye off the fiscal ball just yet... finances will need to be reviewed.

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