Tuppenny Barn embracing social media to complete its eco-friendly education centre

PUBLISHED: 10:37 12 August 2014 | UPDATED: 10:37 12 August 2014


Tuppenny Barn is a social enterprise in Southbourne which grows and sells its own organic fruit and veg. As well as promoting sustainable working practices and teaching young people how organic food production works and provides courses and workshops for the local community.

The organic social enterprise in Southbourne needs to raise £25,000 to complete its ambitious project to create an education and community centre.

On 12th September Tuppenny Barn will embrace both technology and social media to launch a crowd funding initiative, a collective way of raising money from individuals interested in supporting a specific enterprise or project.

If successful, this final burst of fund-raising will enable Tuppenny Barn to complete the internal fixtures and fittings of the centre, including IT equipment for school visits, eco-friendly furnishing and the installation of disabled toilets in the centre as well as landscaping to provide access for those with special requirements such as wheelchair users.

When fully equipped and in operation, the centre will provide much-needed facilities and space for educational courses and community events.

In particular, local schoolchildren will learn about the production and preparation of healthy, nutritious fruit and vegetables as part of a “fork to fork” trail from the field to the kitchen.

Several events have already been booked by Rosemary Moon, a local author and BBC Food chef.

Rosemary is a keen supporter of Tuppenny Barn and has helped to feature the work that Tuppenny Barn does in terms of growing and cooking food in a healthy, sustainable way.

Maggie Haynes, Tuppenny Barn’s director, is passionate about educating young and old about the benefits of healthy eating.

“We believe that Tuppenny Barn is a great project that has and will continue to benefit the community in a far-reaching way,” she said.

“The hardest part in fundraising is always the last section. We have come a long way in quite a short space of time to get the education centre to where it is. Now we are embracing technology and social media in a bid to overcome this final hurdle.

“The £25,000 we hope to raise through Buzzbnk.org will enable us to provide better facilities to teach children about where their food comes from, create better access to those with special needs and allow us to run a wide range of education and community events.”


Crowd funding allows Tuppenny Barn to give something back to those who donate. In addition to the enormous personal satisfaction of helping a good cause, donors will, depending on the level of giving, receive benefits including:

• Their name on a Wall of Honour

• A tree planted on behalf of themselves or a relative/friend

• Membership of the Tuppenny Barn Jam Club.

For more details please visit: www.tuppennybarn.co.uk.

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