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PUBLISHED: 12:20 27 May 2016 | UPDATED: 12:20 27 May 2016

Spending just a few minutes a day enjoying nature can do wonders for your health (Photo by Matthew Roberts)

Spending just a few minutes a day enjoying nature can do wonders for your health (Photo by Matthew Roberts)


Undertaking Random Acts of Wildness for 30 days is proven to enhance your health and wellbeing says Lianne de Mello from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust...

The results of the UK’s first month-long nature challenge 30 Days Wild have been published, showing the benefits of nature to our health and happiness.

People who do something ‘wild’ every day for a month report benefits to their physical and mental wellbeing, according to the new research.

A University of Derby study of 30 Days Wild – a challenge run by The Wildlife Trusts last year, which 18,500 people took part in – showed marked increases in people’s happiness, health, connection to nature, and positive environmental behaviours, such as feeding garden birds or growing flowers for pollinators like bees.

Dr Miles Richardson, Head of Psychology at the University of Derby, conducted the study. He says: “Two months after taking part in 30 Days Wild, the number of people reporting their health as excellent increased by over 30%. And that improvement in health was influenced by the improvements in happiness and connection with nature.

“A connection with nature can bring sustained benefits to public health, reducing demands on our health services, while also improving pro-nature behaviours. Even in urban areas, nature can provide a simple solution to complex problems.”

All the evidence shows that being more connected to nature is better for us and better for wildlife – and now we know that even a small act of wildness every day can be truly life changing. Last year, thousands of people undertook Random Acts of Wildness, and we want to inspire even more people to find a little time for wildness in their day to day lives. Whatever their age, wherever they live, it’s easy to make nature a part of your life. 

How you can get involved

30 Days Wild returns in 2016, with The Wildlife Trusts challenging everyone do something wild every day from 1 – 30 June. Whether it’s taking time out to simply smell a wildflower, listen to birdsong, explore a local wild place or leave a part of your garden to grow wild for a month.

The goal this year is to inspire one million Random Acts of Wildness, and the Wildlife Trusts offer 101 fun and intriguing ideas online to get participants started.

You can sign up at www.wildlifetrusts.org/30DaysWild for bitesize bits of wild inspiration and practical hints and tips on finding your wild life, with your Wildlife Trust.

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