The steps to take when moving into a residential care home

PUBLISHED: 14:20 20 December 2018 | UPDATED: 10:56 21 December 2018

Blackbrook House Residential Care Home

Blackbrook House Residential Care Home

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We find out the difference between a nursing home and a residential home such as Blackbrook House in Fareham, as well as the importance of a transition period when moving to residential care

What is a residential care home?

A residential home, like Blackbrook House, is usually for a person who still has mobility, or can walk with a frame. They may not need any regular healthcare such as injections, and residential care facilities like this help maintain a residents’ independence and lifestyle.

What is the difference between a residential care home and nursing home?

Residential homes will offer elderly care to residents who are still able to live somewhat independently. They will retain their freedom whilst also being assisted by caregivers with everyday tasks like meals, bathing and medication. A care home or nursing home will have nurses on duty and will provide care and treatment to residents who need it regularly.

Blackbrook House Residential Care HomeBlackbrook House Residential Care Home

What does care Blackbrook House Residential Care Home offer?

Blackbrook House provides a caring environment for mobile, elderly people with both residential care and day care. They offer a service which gives prospective residents a transitional moving in period. Rather than being at home one day, then at a care home the next, the team at Blackbrook believe it’s important to get a resident used to their new surroundings, ensuring their standard of living or quality of life does not suddenly change.

What are the steps to moving in to the care home and how long does this take?

The transition time will vary, and can be as long as the family or resident requires it to be. This may start with a visit once a week so that they can get familiar with the environment, routine of the home, staff and caregivers.

This then may move forward to the resident staying for dinner and then progress into a few nights or a week of respite care.

Once both the family and resident feel comfortable, this can finally progress into a permanent move to the residential home.

Blackbrook House Residential Care HomeBlackbrook House Residential Care Home

10 things to consider when moving in to elderly care: Care home checklist

We take a look at a few factors you need to consider when a senior family member is moving in to an elder care facility:

• Family – It’s important for the resident to get a feel for the environment of the residential home but vital for the family, too. They should make sure it’s a friendly place, see how the staff and carers interact and check CQC ratings and reports.

• Fees – Make sure you check what’s included in the fees and whether any are hidden. At Blackbrook House, fees include activities, outings and entertainment. It’s also good to check what these outings and entertainment offerings are.

• Food – Is the care home able to cater for everyone and their dietary requirements.

• Doctors – Are residents able to keep their doctor or will they need to move to a new surgery.

• Medication – Will the care home dispense medication or can the resident medicate themselves? Blackbrook can offer both.

• Hospital appointments – Does the family support with this or is it the home’s responsibility?

• Care plan – What do these plans encompass and who is involved in the writing? It’s important that the family and resident are the focus, making it person-centred.

• Keeping community links – Making sure residents are in touch with their churches and social groups.

• Visiting hours – When can the family and friends of the elderly visit and what can they do on their visit.

• Room – Can the resident bring ornaments and photos in to their room? Trinkets and other such accessories can make their room feel more homely but some furniture may not adhere to health and safety regulations. 

How much does this type of residential care cost?

Fees at Blackbrook House Residential Care Home start at £850 per week but do vary based on care requirements and room size. Some care homes will ask for proof to see that there is money available for three or four years; Blackbrook do not do this.

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