Personalised playhouses from Hampshire-based Kiddiewinkles

PUBLISHED: 10:26 31 January 2017 | UPDATED: 10:26 31 January 2017


Children can have their own secret space with these simply stunning personalised playhouses created by the clever owner of Kiddiewinkles here in Hampshire

There comes a time when a child’s imagination needs a stage and when a sheet draped over a couple of chairs will no longer do, there’s the fantastic range from Hampshire-based Kiddiewinkles, whose designs will have grown-ups queuing to buy something from the sweetshop.

“I am passionate about creating opportunities for children to play, imagine and make believe until their hearts’ content,” founder Debbie Hulme says. “I love hearing my children say, ‘Imagine if …’. It is these precious moments of limitless, imaginative thinking; pivotal to children’s social and emotional development that is my constant inspiration.”

So why playhouses? “I have a photo of myself and my younger sister playing in a Wendy house when we were little and this was my original inspiration,” she says. “I wanted to create a beautifully decorated product using fine embroidery and appliqué work to create truly stunning designs. I also wanted them to last and be enjoyed for years so all our products are made from a heavyweight, durable cotton to stand the test of hours of imaginative play.”

Wigwams, space rockets, sweetshops - does she have a favourite? “I love thinking of new design themes for our playhouse range. Once we have a theme we then brainstorm how we can add design elements that are going to have oodles of child appeal to really fuel those imaginations. Our Outer Space and Rocket play tent has an astronaut’s helmet depicted as the front window with a hole for a child to pop their face in so they can be transformed into their make believe world and plan their own inter-galactic space missions.”

The English Rose Cottage and Tea Shop playhouse was their first design and continues to be one of the best sellers. The back has been designed as a tea shop, ready to serve afternoon tea to friends and teddies. “It’s been a really exciting year for Kiddiewinkles,” says Debbie. “We have extended the range, expanded our distribution and have more exciting plans for next year, bringing new innovative products to market.” All the playhouses can also be embroidered with a child’s name or phrase on the doors. The range is now available from and Harrods Toy Concierge department – as well as other retailers. Prices from £195 for a small playhouse and £225 for a large.

That leaves just one question: when will they be making adult sizes?

See the full – growing – range of playhouses and home accessories at

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