Sam Flack on turning what was his hobby into a modern interiors company

PUBLISHED: 10:27 06 May 2014

Sam Flack with some of his unique creations

Sam Flack with some of his unique creations


With his creative flair and a love of classic board games, Sam Flack has turned what was a hobby in to a modern interiors company

Name: Sam Flack

Business: Another Mans Treasure

Length of time in business: 6 months

Employees: 2

Ethos: To give classic forgotten favourites a new lease of life so that people can brighten up their homes.

Location: Romsey


Another Mans Treasure

Even from a young age Sam had a creative flair, often trying to recreate things that he had seen on TV - albeit with varying degrees of success. But it was when he moved in to his first house that he really began to put his creativity to use.

Initially he began to make a few items to hang around his new home; adding a touch of individuality to his interior design. But when friends and family started to ask where he had got them from he decided to make a few more to sell. With a little push from his Mum, Sam designed a collection of items and began taking them to events and shows to sell to the public.

With just a college qualification in business studies, Sam was relying on people loving his designs and a little bit of luck to turn Another Mans Treasure in to a successful and viable business. Now, just six months later, Sam’s company is up and running with its own website, and the orders are coming in.

Splitting his time between working at home and in a small workshop, Sam is constantly looking for classic board games as materials for his pieces. EBay, local auctions and car boots are invaluable to him. He explains: “My Mum has been a great help to me, keeping an eye out for classic games that I can use. I’ve always enjoyed playing board games and still do. Each individual game offers its own inspiration and I just have to think of how best to show them off. I also think that it’s important to keep thinking of fresh ideas to be able to offer people that unique item that they haven’t seen before.”

Sam’s customers range in age from 19 to 90, with board games appealing to all generations, he says: “I think there’s something to appeal to all, there’s something nostalgic about them that brings back memories.”

When it comes to promoting his business, Sam relies heavily on word of mouth and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter; but still enjoys the face to face selling that a show or an event can provide. It’s early days for Another Mans Treasure but with a stand at The New Forest Show and others throughout the summer, he is hoping that 2014 will be a successful year. He says: “I think running your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can do; I get a lot of enjoyment out of people’s comments about the items and to think that an idea can become a reality and then be bought by someone to brighten up their home is a great feeling.”


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