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PUBLISHED: 11:46 11 December 2018

Swift Microwave treatment in action

Swift Microwave treatment in action


Hilary Nossiter, Practice Director at Southampton-based Forest Foot & Health Clinic talks us through Swift, a new technology helping treat verrucas

Recently named winners in Outstanding Customer Care and Overall Business of the Year in the New Forest Brilliance in Business Awards, Forest Foot & Health Clinic has been running for 23 years and has three full time podiatrists, who, as a group offer treatment for verrucas, warts, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, athletes foot, corns and callus, diabetic feet, plantar fascia issues and more foot pain problems.

What is a wart or verruca?

Common warts are firm growths and have a rough surface, typically found on your hands or knees. A verruca is a local growth on the skin’s outer layer is located on the sole of your foot.

The common cause of verrucas is the human papilloma virus (HPV), of which there are more than 150 types. This condition (virus) infects the cells in your skin, causing the verruca.

What is Swift and how does it treat a verruca?

Focussing on verrucas (or plantar warts), Forest Foot & Health Clinic offer a new, cleaner treatment, known as Swift Microwave Technology. In this method, you put microwaves, in a very controlled manner, on to the verruca cells. The cells are where the virus sits. This heating damages the cells resulting in a protein release, which in turn forces your immune system to wake up and recognise an issue it has to get rid of.

As opposed to traditional verruca treatment, which can involve freezing, acid, scraping the verruca/wart and bandages, Swift is a 10 second process and requires no anaesthetic or dressing.

On average, this type of verruca removal will take three or four treatments which take place a month apart whilst it tries to wake up the immune system; although it may take more if the patient is older or has an immunity issue.

Hilary adds: “There aren’t any lasting effects; it’s a modern and clean treatment”.

Swift Microwave treatmentSwift Microwave treatment

Does this type of verruca removal work?

Treating a verruca in this way has been proven to be hugely successful by Dr Ivan Bristow at Southampton University. In warts treated with Swift, 76% of lesions resolved, with 94% of the resolved lesions being cleared within three treatments.

Is it painful?

It’s important to remember that with all verruca and wart treatment there may be some pain. But in the case of Swift Microwave Technology, it can be compared to an injection or slight sting and most importantly, to treat a verruca in this way is a much shorter process.

What is the recovery time?

Being a fairly non-intrusive verruca treatment, there are little to no side effects involved in Swift. Patients are able to head back to work straight away and can even go swimming. 

How much does this verruca treatment cost?

Swift verruca treatment costs £105 per treatment. Traditional methods may be cheaper per treatment, but these do involve more visits, more frequent visits and more side effects.

The team at Forest Foot & Health ClinicThe team at Forest Foot & Health Clinic

What else is on offer at Forest Foot & Health Clinic?

As well as warts and verrucas, the podiatrists at the clinic are able offer foot care and treat a number of issues, including: damaged nails, ingrown toenails, diabetic feet and plantar fascia issues. Find a full guide to their podiatry and foot care at with osteopathy options at

The Forest Foot & Health Clinic also offer bio-mechanical assessments for people suffering flat feet, heel pain and other foot problems. This could result in the clinic prescribing you orthotics, otherwise known as arch support.

There is also an in-house osteopath, physiotherapist and sports masseur, enabling cross referrals for other non-foot related problems.

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